// Copyright: (C) 2010 Nicolas Palix, Suman Saha, Gael Thomas, Christophe Calves, Julia Lawall, Gilles Muller, LIP6, INRIA, DIKU.  GPLv2.

// use argument -D fn=xxx for the name of the null returning function of
// interest
// -no_includes -include_headers

virtual external

identifier virtual.fn;
position p1;
expression E;

E@p1 = fn(...)

@script:python depends on !external@
p1 << call.p1;
defining_file << virtual.defining_file;

defining_file = "%s" % defining_file # convert a cocci string to a python one
if (not(p1[0].file == defining_file)):

fn << virtual.fn;
p1 << call.p1;

for q in p1: